Boca South Association, Inc.
Meeting Minutes, August 9, 2010

Meeting was called to order at 7:07pm

Board members in attendance were:

Mark Park
Michelle Blouin
Bernadette Paris
Joe Esteve
Fred Lasky

Item 1 - Previous Meeting Minutes:

Reading of the minutes from May 28, 2010 by Mark Park

Motion to approve the minutes by Mark Park, seconded by Michelle Blouin. Motion passes

Reading of the minutes from August 5, 2010 by Mark Park

Motion to approve the minutes by Michelle Blouin, seconded by Mark Park. Motion passes

Item 2 - Concrete Restoration Update:

Discussed the engineer comparison of the WinDoor 8000 series sliding glass door vs PGT-770 series. Both doors seem to be of equal quality. A discussion of thermal glass was given and owners decided it was worth upgrading the door to thermal glass.

Motion to accept the PGT-770 series door with the upgrade package of thermal glass with the standard finish for $3325, seconded by Mark Park. Motion passes.

Shutter discussion about the reinstallation of shutters that are installed at the edge. The contractor has explained to the board that installing the shutters at the edge experiences more wind load and over time will compromise the concrete work on the balcony. More discussion needs to take place with the engineer about this topic.

Item 3 - New Business:

Elevator concerns were brought up again. The board is working to get out of the service contract with our existing company. It is in effect until 2013. In the meantime, we are trying our best to work with the company to get the North elevator restored. The pasrt should be in this week and installed by the end of the week. An owner suggested that the call buttons should be recessed.

An owner asked if specifications being laid down to continue consistency of the building ascetics. All windows are to be white and single hung. Future discussions should be had about implementing consistent front doors. The board needs to confirm the fire rating requirements for the front with the engineer.

Security discussions about the building took place. The board needs to consider options to secure stairwell doors and elevators using a keypad. The idea of installing a gate was brought up to address security and parking lot.

There was a suggestion to post “No Beach Parking” signs. Owner Bruce Gootner proposed that the board consider using paper parking passes. He brought an example of one showing a section for date and unit #. Motion to accept the paper parking tags by Mark Park, seconded by Joe Esteve. Motion passes.

Condominium management options were brought up again. Owner Gene Kestler has said that nothing has worked well and does not have a solution. Also brought up that there are more renters here and he is not sure unit owners are abiding by the rules of waiting 12 months. Other rule violations were brought up by owners. Dale Lasky has volunteer to inform the board of the infractions. The board needs to review our condo documents with the attorneys to figure out the best way for rule enforcement.

Mark Park read the April 2008 minutes that spoke to replacing windows and doors that are 10 or more years old that need to be completed by May 1, 2009

Motion by Mark Park to void Items 2 and 3 from April 29, 2008 seconded by Joe Esteve Motion passes.

Motion made by Mark Park, seconded by Joe Esteve, to adjourn at 8:42pm. Motion passes.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Blouin