Boca South Association, Inc.
Meeting Minutes, August 14, 2008

Meeting was called to order at 7:05pm

Board members in attendance were:

Anne McBride
Michelle Blouin
Michelle Coggiola
Giovanni Comes
Mark Park

Item 1- Motion by Anne McBride, seconded by Michelle Blouin, to split the actual construction of the concrete restoration project into two phases, Phase A and Phase B. Phase A will be the first phase to include balcony repairs. Phase B will be the second phase which will include catwalk repairs. Phase B will be postponed to a later date with a minimum of Phase A being completed, recognizing this may increase costs. Approved

Concrete restoration discussion surrounding the sliding glass door. There is confusion around the original door selected by the board. Scott Shea from Complete Aluminum has informed the board that PGT does not provide the Kynar finish and the thickness of glass is less than 9/16th which would require an additional layer of tint to adhere to the turtle tint laws. The TRACO door presented by Complete Aluminum did not meet the engineering standards. Mark Park volunteered to speak with Scott Shea at Complete Aluminum to understand what other options exist since they represent other manufacturers such as WinDoor, IWC, and CGI.

Concrete restoration discussion surrounding the contractor wanting to use swing stages over constructing scaffolding. The scaffolding poses no threat to the roof while the swing stages do.

Recall notice received by Anne McBride from owners. Board Meeting concerning a Recall by Written Agreement to be held on 8/21/08, 2008 at 7pm.

Motion to adjourn by Anne McBride, seconded by Giovanni Comes, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Coggiola