Boca South Association, Inc.
Meeting Minutes, August 28, 2008

Meeting was called to order at 7:15pm

Board members in attendance were:

Joe Esteve
Michelle Blouin
Michelle Coggiola
Hildy Kerman (via telephone)
Mark Park

Item 1- Motion made by Michelle Blouin, seconded by Mark Park, to approve minutes from August 14th and August 21st Board Meeting. Motion passes.

General discussion regarding Campbell lawsuit and plate glass insurance claims, settlement amount, once received, will be distributed to those who are eligible for reimbursement.

At this time, 7 owners are interested in bank loan (those owners who submitted paperwork to Joe Ciano).

According to payment schedule, 50% of total assessment amount will be received by October 15th.

Discussion around costs associated with delaying concrete restoration project, including additional engineering costs and increasing material prices.

Motion by Michelle Blouin to continue with concrete restoration project as originally scheduled (once 50% of money is received) and not wait until April 2009, seconded by Joe Esteve. Motion passes.

The 1st concrete restoration assessment fee payment received after September 15th will be considered late and will incur late payment fees.

A new concrete restoration letter will be sent out to owners clarifying the assessment due dates and late payment fees. If interested in the bank loan, owners will have another chance to sign the agreement letter electing the loan. Either the letter (faxed to Joe Ciano, fax 561-367-7826) or the 1st payment must be received by September 15th.

Michelle Blouin will find out if we are able to reinstate plate glass insurance policy if premiums are the same as they were previous to canceling the plate glass insurance.

No new business.

Motion to adjourn at 9:20 by Michelle Blouin, seconded by Michelle Coggiola. Approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Coggiola