Boca South Association, Inc.
Meeting Minutes, October 26, 2010

Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm

Board members in attendance were:

Mark Park
Michelle Blouin
Bernadette Paris
Joe Esteve
Fred Lasky

Item 1 - Previous Meeting Minutes:

Reading of the minutes from August 9, 2010 by Mark Park

Motion to approve the minutes by Mark Park, seconded by Michelle Blouin. Motion passes

Reading of the minutes from August 23, 2010 by Mark Park

Motion to approve the minutes by Michelle Blouin, seconded by Joe Esteve. Motion passes

Item 2 - Concrete Restoration:

The overall status of the project was discussed. The project seems to be at the half way point. STR will be working over the next few weeks to waterproof, prime, texture the balcony, and then paint over the balcony texture. Comcast has not been very responsive over the month. Mark has made countless calls and left messages and no one is getting back to him. Comcast has agreed to re-pull all the wires and has started on stacks 1, 2, 17, and 18. They have not returned in weeks to continue work on the other units. As a result, unit owners are experiencing long outage periods and Mark advised that they call into Comcast and voice that they are not sending out the right people to address the building issues.

Shutter re-installation questions were brought up by the owners. Any shutter that is installed against the vertical wall ontop of the sliding glass door can be re-installed. The engineer and contractor has voiced concerns about re-installing shutters that were located at the balcony edge against the railings. These shutters require holes to be drilled into the horizontal floor and ceiling balcony surfaces. They experience more wind-load at the edge and therefore will accelerate the deterioration process of the balconies. Owners voice their opinions about the pros and cons of these shutters. The pros were that the owners like the additional space these shutters provide while the cons are the balcony deterioration will accelerate at a faster pace and the shutters can be a hazard with future storms as they were the only ones that were blown into the pool during hurricane Wilma.

Motion by Michelle Blouin to perform a vote mail to get the owner consenus, seconded by Joe Esteve.

Discussion continued about screen re-installation. Screens also require holes to be drilled into the horizontal floor and ceiling balcony surfaces. However, very litte wind load will be experienced as the wind will simply blow through the screens. First floor owners voiced a concern of security. If a screen can not be re-installed, then they proposed that railings be installed around their patio. Other owners located above the first floor also expressed interest in having their screens re-installed. Should screens be re-installed, they must be done according to the engineer specifications to ensuring the waterproof seal is maintained.

Motion by Michelle Blouin to allow screens to re-installed, seconded by Fred Lasky. Motion passes.

Discussion took place about the current light fixtures that exist on the balconies and throughout the catwalks. Jow Esteve has done some initial research in finding a replacement fixture. We are currently evaluating a fixture that is all white, rectangluar in shape, with a plastic casing to minimize corrosion. We will look to use any leftover money from the operation budget to pay for the new light fixtures.

Item 3 - New Business:

An update was given to the owners by Bernadette Paris regarding our new maintenance man, Andres Suriel. After evaluating the property management contract from Beacon Property Management, the board was hesitant to sign. The owners expressed their satisfaction with Andres and commented on how the upkeep of the building has improved greatly.

STR Restortation has brought two door samples for owners to evaluate should they wish to replace their front door. The board is recommending the fiberglass door. An initial price of $1,000 will include the door, permitting, installation, and door casing. This price is based on order of 30 doors. The board will secure more in depth information and include this in the mail-out that will also address the shutter re-installation vote.

Mark Park brought up an idea of moving toward quarterly maintenance payments. Doing so will reduce the time and effort currently needed to record/deposit monthly maintenance payments. The idea was generally received. The board needs to review the condo documents to see what needs to be done to implement quarterly payments for 2011. More information will be given in the mail out scheduled to probably go out mid to end December.

Concern was brought up about having the Air conditioning drainage pipes blown out. Mark said that all plumbing drainage pipes need to be identified and evaluated for maintenance. Evan will be assigned this task

It was discovered that unit #408 had employed a company to install windows and the necessary permits were not applied for. The installation was terminated immediately by the board and plywood is currently covering the window opening. We are waiting for permits to be submitted to the city so that the windows can be installed accordingly. Owners, please require to see the receipt for permit application when replacing your windows. The board will not allow for any work to be done without the necessary permits.

Motion to adjorn the meeting at 9:03pm by Michelle Blouin, seconded by Fred Lasky. Motion passes.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Blouin