Boca South Association, Inc.
Meeting Minutes, December 13, 2008

Meeting was called to order at 10:10am

Board members in attendance were:

Giovanni Comes
Michelle Blouin
Michelle Coggiola
Mark Park
Hildy Kerman via telephone

Motion made by Giovanni Comes, seconded by Michelle Blouin, to approve minutes from November 13, 2008 Board Meeting. Motion passes.

Received verbal resignation from Board from Hildy Kerman.

Motion made by Michelle Blouin, seconded by Giovanni Comes, to present contract to engineer, bank and contractor. Motion passes.

Discussion on the final order quantities for the sliding glass doors:
Sliders will have to be replaced if they are older than 10 years. If an owners’ unit has a non-impact slider and shutter that is less than 10 years old (and/or can provide documentation/permit that shutter meets new hurricane code), then a new slider does not need to be installed. Those owners who qualify will be eligible for a credit.

General discussion regarding waterproofing 1st floor slabs:
There is no structural benefit to waterproofing 1st floor slabs. Concrete that is laying on top of the ground and directly in contact with the soil must not be waterproofed because of the necessity of the concrete to breathe. Board will question the engineer on the reason he included this on their original engineering report.

Operating Issues:
Outstanding elevator issues include the elevator when in use is very loud and disturbing to surrounding residents, cracked formica in the cab, and the absence of a floor indicator light.

There is $12,000 in surplus money in the operating budget. There is an estimated $45,000 deficit (IOU) in the reserves. Motion made by Michelle Blouin, seconded by Mark Park, to take any additional money from the operating budget in order to replenish the reserves in order to pay back the IOU. Approved.

Motion by Michelle Blouin, seconded by Michelle Coggiola, for Mark Park to fill the Vice President vacancy position on the Board. Approved.

Motion to adjourn at 11:15 am by Michelle Bouin, seconded by Mark Park. Approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Coggiola