Boca South Association, Inc.
Meeting Minutes, December 17, 2010

Meeting was called to order at 6:24pm

Board members in attendance were:

Mark Park
Michelle Blouin
Bernadette Paris
Joe Esteve
Fred Lasky

Item 1 - Previous Meeting Minutes:

Reading of the minutes from October 26, 2010 by Mark Park

Motion to approve the minutes by Michelle Blouin, seconded by Joe Esteve. Motion passes

Item 2 - 2011 Financial Budget:

Michelle gave an overall explanation of the 2011 Financial Operating budget and then opened the floor to the owners for questions. She explained that the phone expense covers 4 phone lines, long distance, the on-call cell phone, and the web site. When the board last looked into switching to digital service, the fire monitoring company said they would not be able to accommodate that. The legal expense was also questioned. The board is actively pursuing those owners who still have not paid off their assessments. Therefore, the board anticipates a large legal expense in 2011 as compared to 2010. The Manager expense is an approximate estimate. The board has not interviewed or chosen an individual to fill this position yet, but it is there intention to so quickly in 2011. In order for it to happen, the budget needs to account for it. Mark Park then suggested that he would get his CAM License and apply for the position. The owners were all in agreement in this.

Motion to approve the 2011 Financial Operating budget by Michelle Blouin, seconded by Mark Park. Motion passes

The board counted and validated the results of the vote and the results are as follows; 50 owners voted for NOT funding the reserves, while 8 owners voted to fund the reserves. 51 owners voted to NOT allow for shutters to be installed at the balcony railings while 5 owners vote to allow for the installation of shutters at the balcony railing.

Motion by Mark Park to accept the voting results, seconded by Bernadette Paris.

Item 3 - Concrete Update:

Mark Park gave an overall status update. He has been performing final inspections for the balcony repair, railing installation and sliding glass door installation for the stacks 9 through 16. The interior finishing has not started and has not been reviewed. New ramps from the parking lot to the elevator will be poured on both the North and South sides. Owners asked if a concrete ramp could be poured from the driveway to the mail room. The laundry rooms should be included as part of the building to be painted. Further discussion continued about new lighting fixtures and a consensus could not be determined. The owners suggested that the board simply decide on the light fixture.

A few owners voiced that they did not want screen enclosures to be re-installed after the concrete restoration was complete. The board explained their position and why the decided to allow it as screens do not accelerate concrete deterioration. There was a very adamant group of owners who wanted the board to reconsider this and not allow screens to be re-installed.

Motion by Mark Park to send out another owner mail out to gauge the opinion of all owners regarding screen enclosures, seconded by Joe Esteve..

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:56pm by Michelle Blouin, seconded by Fred Lasky. Motion passes.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Blouin